Cardiology is the treatment for the disorders of the heart; it is a medical specialty involved in the care of all things associated with the heart and the arteries. A cardiologist is the one who carries out tests and procedures, such as angioplasty while the cardiac surgeon opens the chest and performs heart surgery.
Heart disease differs from cardiovascular disease; it refers to the disorders and illnesses of the heart and blood vessels, while the former is only concerned with the heart.

In USA, the cardiology is a part of internal medicine. It is a discipline which includes the diagnosis, causes, treatment as well as research into heart diseases and injuries.

Cardiology has several subspecialties

  • Nuclear Cardiology – this is done using nuclear imaging techniques in the non-invasive study of cardiovascular disorders and diseases, including infarction imaging, SPECT, planar imaging, and myocardial perfusion imaging. The nuclear cardiologist uses radioactive materials.
  • Interventional Cardiology – to treat congenital cardiac, valvular and coronary artery diseases it involves the use of intravascular catheter-based techniques with fluoroscopy.
    Angioplasties, valvuloplasties, congenital heart defect corrections, and coronary thrombectomies can be performed by Interventional cardiologists.
  • Echocardiography – to create images of the heart chambers, valves and surrounding structures we can use the ultrasound waves,  Echocardiography can be used to measure how well the heart is pumping blood as well as determining levels of inflammation around the heart, to identify structural abnormalities or infections of the heart valves echocardiography can be used.
  • Cardiac electrophysiology – the study of the mechanism, spread, and interpretation of the electric currents which occur inside heart muscle tissue which means the system that generates the heart beat.

Cardiology Medication:


Facts of Mexitil

  • Brand Name: Mexitil
  • Generic Name: mexiletine

Indiacations of Mexitil

This medication is used to treat irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmias) and maintain a normal heart rate. It is an antiarrhythmic. It blocks certain electrical signals in the heart to stabilize the heart rhythm.