Plasma cells cancer is known as Multiple Myeloma, white blood cells are normally responsible for producing antibodies. In multiple myeloma there are collections of abnormal plasma cells accumulate in the bone marrow where they interfere with the production of normal blood cells. Multiple myeloma also features the production of a paraprotein which is an abnormal antibody that causes kidney problems. Bone lesions and hypocalcaemia are also often encountered. Multiple myeloma can be diagnosed with blood tests, bone marrow examination, urine protein electrophoresis and X-rays of commonly affected bones.

Multiple myeloma is incurable but it can be treated. Remissions may be induced with steroids, immunomodulatory drugs, chemotherapy, proteasome inhibitors, Radiation therapy is sometimes used to reduce pain from bone lesions.

Signs and Symptoms of Multiple Myeloma are bone tenderness, anemia, bone pain, weakness, bone fractures, kidney damage, nerve damage, skin lesions, enlarged tongue, infections and hypocalcaemia.

Multiple myeloma is diagnosed by biopsy; bone marrow aspiration and radiology test for bone lesions, there are several stages of multiple myeloma depending on the severity of the disease such as stage I, II, III.

Treatment for multiple myeloma includes drugs that give the better result to the immune system; the drugs can be chemotherapy drugs, radiation therapy, stem cells transplant and surgery for some patients.