The seizures occur due to sudden surge of electrical activity in the brain, there is an overload of electric activity in the brain and this causes a temporary disturbance in the messaging systems between the brain cells. During a seizure, patient’s brain becomes “halted” or “mixed up”.

Seizures is likely to occur in people who do not have epilepsy for some main reasons like brain trauma, hypoglycemia, hypoxia, drug usage and elevated body temperature and there are a number of conditions that look like epileptic seizures but are not actually.


Epilepsy is caused by the abnormal activity in brain cells, seizures can affect any process that your brain coordinates. Seizure signs and symptoms are Temporary confusion, a staring spell, Uncontrollable jerking of the arms and legs, Psychic symptoms, Loss of consciousness or awareness, a convulsion with no fever, patient becomes stiff suddenly, the person suddenly falls, Peculiar changes in senses, while smelling, touching and sound.


Epilepsy has no identifiable cause. On the other hand, the condition can be traced to various factors they are Genetic influence, Head trauma, Brain conditions, Infectious diseases, prenatal injury and Developmental disorders.

Risk factors:

Certain factors may increase the risk of epilepsy they are age- common at early age or after 60, family history- heredity problem of epilepsy, head injuries- can cause epilepsy, stroke or other vascular disease, brain infections, dementia, seizure in childhood etc.


The treatment for epileptic seizure can be medications; patients can be seizure free by taking anti-seizure tablets.




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